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Demonstration repository used as an example in the Fedora Quick Doc "How to Publish your Software on Copr, Fedora’s User Repository"
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This repository contains the hellocopr program used as an example in the How to Publish your Software on Copr, Fedora’s User Repository quick doc. Hellocopr itself is a very simple demonstration python3 program that does nothing but display some text on the command line. It (needlessly) uses python setuptools & imports some python libraries to better illustrate the packaging process.

The associated Copr repository can be found here.

What is where?

The master branch contains all files as used in the quick doc. The quick doc itself as well as an extensively annotated version of the specfile can be found in the doc folder. The foreign-sources branch contains a version of the project adapted for when sources are located elsewhere, e.g. when you're packaging someone else's tarballs.

The step-N tags mark the state of all files at the end of the corresponding Step N-sections in the quick doc.

The hellocopr-<version>-<release> tags correspond to the released packages available in Copr.