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Fedora IoT Objective documentation

This is the build repository for the Fedora IoT Documentation Website. The latest published version of the site can be found at Fedora IoT Docs.

Please report issues with IoT related docs and submit Pull Requests for IoT Documentation Ehancements and Fixes here.

The IoT documentatin is built using Antora. General details for getting started can be found on the main docs.fp.o repository.

Testing your changes locally

Build and preview is done in Docker containers and should work on any Linux distro running Docker. Should also work on macOS running the Docker CE.

To build the site, run:

$ ./build.sh

Please note the build script uses Docker to build the site in an insolated environment. You might be asked for a root password in order to run it.

The result will be in a ./public/ directory.

To preview the site, either open the ./public/en_US/index.html file in a web browser, or run:

$ ./preview.sh