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Fedora i3 Spin

Official repository for Fedora i3 Spin build assets and Kickstart.

License: MIT Join us at #fedora-i3 on Current supported release(s) of Fedora: F34 Yes, the Fedora i3 Spin is currently maintained.

Where to go

  • Fedora i3 Documentation: Documentation about the Fedora i3 Spin and the i3 Special Interest Group (S.I.G.). Look here for guidance and support on using the i3 Spin.

  • Discussion tickets: Tickets where we propose, discuss, and vote on new ideas and changes. This is the best place to look for what we currently focused on.

  • Kickstarts: Building blocks of the Fedora i3 Spin. Used for composing new ISO images.

  • i3 Documentation: Official documentation for the i3 window manager, hosted by the i3 project.

For SIG members

Some handy links for active SIG members:

  • Tickets for the next meeting: Tickets triaged for the next SIG meeting.

  • Roadmaps: High-level milestones with deadlines of some kind. Good idea to understand priority and where to best focus time.


This work is licensed under the Current Default License for software in Fedora, the MIT License.