Packager Dashboard

Packager Dashboard displays useful information for a Fedora packager. That includes open bugs, proposed updates, open pull requests, build failures and others.

To try Packager dashboard, see the public instance. As an example, you can display the output for frantisekz or churchyard.

How to run

Packager Dashboard uses Oraculum as backend.

Clone Oraculum, change to its directory, install dependencies and run:

$ DEV=true python3

Open another terminal window and run:

$ DEV=true celery -A oraculum.celery_app worker

Clone this repo, change to its directory, install dependencies and start the frontend server:

$ git clone
$ cd packager_dashboard
$ yarn install
$ yarn start

If browser didn't open, go to http://localhost:3000

If you are running Oraculum yourself or using other than production one, change API accordingly in public/env.js