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base library for fedpkg provides common functionality for dist-git setups
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This is the rpkg project, which mostly is a python library for dealing with rpm packaging in a git source control. pyrpkg is the base library that sites can subclass to create useful tools.


Unless otherwise specified, all files are licensed under GPLv2+. There are parts of koji code in pyrpkg/cli, those parts are licensed under LGPLv2(.1). See COPYING-koji for that license statement.


Welcome to write patches to fix or improve rpkg. All code should work well with Python 2.6 and 2.7, and compatibility with Python 3 would be a big bonus. Before you create a PR to propose your changes, make sure

  • to sign-off your commits by git commit -s. This serves as a confirmation that you have the right to submit your changes. See Developer Certificate of Origin for details.
  • pass all test cases by running python test.

More Information

See for more information, bug tracking, etc.