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94c2432 Fix adding multiple tags to an issue

Authored and Committed by pingou 3 years ago
    Fix adding multiple tags to an issue
    In commit 4d961f80509c9279d563674132dd51dbb040f3e3 we forbid the use of
    comas in tag names. This is fine, except when seeing and updating an
    issue, tags are sent as a coma-separated list. That commit thus broke
    adding multiple tags to a single issue, kinda annoying.
    To fix this, this commit introduce a new regex which is basically the
    same regex as before but which allows comas in there. Thus allowing to
    have multiple tags in an issue without allowing comas in the tag names.
    To ensure we don't break this by accident in the future again, we're
    also adding a couple of unit-tests checking that the behavior is
    consistent with the expectations.
    Signed-off-by: Pierre-Yves Chibon <>
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