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The current build is viewable at: https://docs.pagure.org/docs-fedora/

Running the server for writing new articles

Even though Docs Fedora is designed to generate static pages, Running the pelican development server is useful when writing new articles. The steps to get it running are:

  1. Install pelican: sudo dnf install pelican GitPython
  2. Check out the Docs Fedora Source (from your fork or the main repo)
  3. In the main folder of the checked out repo, run ./develop_server.sh start and your local copy of the Docs Fedora will be at http://localhost:8000/

Adding a new article

  1. create a markdown file content/<a-category>
  2. Fill out the metadata at the top of the file. Required metadata items are title, summary, and tags. Refer to an existing article for guidance. Note that the Date field is not filled out, this is set by the date of the GIT checkin.
  3. Add the markdown for the content in the body.
  4. Save the file, and reload http://localhost:8000/ and your article should appear.