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Dashboard to show security status of component shipped with Fedora
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This project aims to create a dashboard using public data from bugzilla where developers and users can view the security status of packages which are shipped with Fedora.

Application layout:

I propose the following layout for the application:

| rhbz |


------------------------- --------------------- | Microservice/service | | Web page pulls data| | which reads bz fedora | | from service and | | security data and | --> | generates dashboard| | populates the db | ---------------------- -------------------------

Since we dont want to query rhbz for each graph we generate, it makes sense to read data from rhbz (maybe few times a day) and store this in a lite database. This is done via a service or a microservice preferable written in python. The dasboard code is now able to query this database and generate what ever graphs etc which are needed.

mockup-images: This directory contains images which are generated from bugzilla data via some software like libreoffice. These mockup images should be generated by scripts in the dashboard project.