5017fba Refactor make_module for tests

Authored and Committed by cqi a year ago
    Refactor make_module for tests
    The original motivation for this refactor is to reuse make_module and
    drop TestMMDResolver._make_mmd. Some tests require a modulemd created
    and some tests also require those modulemd to be stored into database as
    a module build. The problem is db_session has to be passed to
    make_module even if no need to store into database.
    Major changes in this patch:
    * Argument db_session is optional.
    * Arguments requires_list and build_requires_list are replaced by a
      single argument dependencies which is a list of group of requires and
    * A new make_module_in_db is created for creating and storing the new
      modulemd into database conveniently.
    * Tests are updated with the new make_module and make_module_in_db.
    Signed-off-by: Chenxiong Qi <cqi@redhat.com>
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+63 -43
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