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A service that syncs issues from github and pagure to a jira instance, via fedmsg.
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This is a process that listens to activity on upstream repos on pagure and github via fedmsg, and syncs new issues there to a Jira instance elsewhere.


Configuration is in fedmsg.d/.

You can maintain a mapping there that allows you to match one upstream repo (say, 'pungi' on pagure) to a downstream project/component pair in Jira (say, 'COMPOSE', and 'Pungi').

On startup, if the initialize option is set to True in the fedmsg.d/ config, then all open issues from all upstream repos will be scraped and added to Jira if they are absent.

If the testing option is set to True, then the script will perform a "dry run" and not actually add any new issues to Jira.


Here are some things that this program does not do:

  • This program does not close Jira tickets when their corresponding ticket is closed upstream, although that would be cool.
  • This program does not attempt to copy comments from upstream tickets to their corresponding downstream tickets, although that would be cool.

If there is interest in having those things, please file an RFE or comment on an existing one here and we'll see about prioritizing it.


We have decent test coverage.

Run the tests with:

$ sudo dnf install detox
$ detox