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Fedora i3 SIG documentation

Official Fedora Documentation for the i3wm SIG

How it works?

This documents' repository works as any official Fedora Docs' Repository and it follows the documentation on How to contribute to existing documentation

More detailed information about how to create a document, the folder structure of the repo and how to build the docs locally can be found on the Release notes's docs

Documents produced by the i3 SIG

We have basically 7 documents, but help is wanted if you want to expand that base:

  • Main docs' page (index.adoc)
  • How to report a bug (bugs.adoc)
  • Spin Design Goals (design-goals.adoc)
  • Kickstart (kickstart.adoc)
  • Package groups (package-groups.adoc)
  • F.A.Q. (faq.adoc)
  • Meetings (meetings.adoc)

We would love to see some how-to, some installation guides and configuration guides.

How to reach us

If you want to contact the SIG members, you should use our communication channels