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Community Operations, a.k.a. CommOps, aims to address the area of community infrastructure by providing the tools, resources, and utilities for the different subgroups of Fedora to increase communication across the Project
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Community + Operations = CommOps

This repository maintains tasks, goals, and objectives for the Community Operations team.

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What can I do here?

You can file an issue to:

  • Share information in one area of the Project with the rest
  • Requesting metrics about an area of the Project
  • More coming soon…

You can also help us out too! Take a look at the active issue list and look for an issue assigned with a blank assignment, and feel free to take that task yourself. If there aren't any open issues, ask on our mailing list where you can help out.

Because this is mainly a volunteer-staffed team, we may not notice all new issues immediately when they are filed. If you think an issue needs attention, try to contact the owner and see if they are working on it. If you don't hear from them within a week, you can probably take over the task.

If you want to carry on a longer conversation with the team, you may want to join our ​mailing list.


  • #fedora-commops on Freenode (webchat)

Mailing Lists

Things we help with

Specific details of each of these areas is found on our wiki page.

  • Unified messaging
  • Curating a queue of "stories"
  • Badges Requests
  • New Contributor Onboarding via Fedora Hubs
  • Wiki
  • Internal Communications
  • Code of Conduct and Diversity
  • Metrics
  • Voter Turnout
  • Release Notes