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A REST-based service to send karma to a Fedora user.
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Plus Plus Service

Author: Aurelien Bompard <>

Plus Plus Service is a REST-based service to increment or decrement karma for Fedora users.


Plus Plus Service can be installed like any Python package.

Running the service

To quickly run the application, use the following command:

FLASK_APP=plus_plus_service flask run

Plus Plus Service is based on Flask, you can deploy it by following Flask's documentation.


First, create a virtual environment in the venv directory, then install the package and its dependencies in this virtual environment:

pyvenv venv
source ./venv/bin/activate
python develop

To create the database, use the following command:

plus-plus-service syncdb

If you want to run the service in debug mode, you can prefix the standard command with FLASK_DEBUG=1 or simply export the shell variable:

export FLASK_APP=plus_plus_service
export FLASK_DEBUG=1
flask run

Alembic commands can be run by pointing to the included ini file:

alembic -c plus_plus_service/alembic.ini current

The test suite can be run using the tox command.