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Antora s2i Builder


This builder is used in openshift to generate sites automatically. But, you can also run the builder on your own workstation.


You need the source-to-image package on your workstation to build an output image.

$ dnf -y install source-to-image

Getting/building the container

$ docker pull bstinsonmhk/docs-fpo-build

Or build it yourself

$ docker build --tag <yournamespace>/docs-fpo-build -f .

Building the master Site:

# We need to do the magic --exclude='' flag here, so the .git directory isn't
# stripped out by s2i

$ s2i build --exclude='' bstinsonmhk/docs-fpo-build <output-image>

Building a pull request on the install-guide:

# This builds pull-request 1 on the install-guide and puts it in the output
# image. Feel free to try against the other fedora-docs repos as well! If you
# leave off the PR= variable the builder will build the master branch. 

$ s2i build -e "PR=1" --exclude='' bstinsonmhk/docs-fpo-build <output-image>

Running the built image

$ docker run -d -p 8080:8080 <output-image>

et voilà ! Visit http://localhost:8080 to explore the site.