31ad6ac Add minimal -devel packages as needed to build kernel modules

Authored and Committed by alexl 2 years ago
    Add minimal -devel packages as needed to build kernel modules
    As discussed in the forum[1], package layering can work for building kernel
    modules, such as the nvidia driver. However, there are some problems
    with the -devel packages needed, as they need to match the exact version
    in the base image, and once the version bumps in the yum repo the old
    version isn't even available.
    So, this adds the minimal set of -devel packages needed to build a a kmod.
    This isn't enough to build a kernel module, but the rest needed can much
    more easily be layered.
    Given the current rawhide dependencies this adds the following packages:
     * elfutils-libelf-devel
     * glibc-devel
     * glibc-headers
     * kernel-devel
     * kernel-headers
     * libxcrypt-devel
     * zlib-devel
    This adds about 100 megs to a 4 gigabyte image, which I think is a fair
    compromise in order to be able to build kernel modules and support
    the nvidia drivers.
    [1] https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/supporting-the-nvidia-drivers-on-silverblue/849/6
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