#994 Remove some other noisy debug logs
Merged 11 months ago by ralph. Opened 11 months ago by mprahl.

@@ -196,9 +196,6 @@ 

                      callback, key, argspec, expected))


      def process_message(self, session, msg):

-         log.debug('Received a message with an ID of "{0}" and of type "{1}"'

-                   .format(getattr(msg, 'msg_id', None), type(msg).__name__))


          # set module build to None and let's populate it later

          build = None


@@ -218,7 +215,6 @@ 

              handler = self.on_module_change[module_build_state_from_msg(msg)]

              build = models.ModuleBuild.from_module_event(session, msg)


-             log.debug("Unhandled message...")



          if not build:

These logs make it difficult to debug production since there is so much noise.

Can log level be changed for prod to info at least? If not, removing debug messages is an alternative (but demoted) option. Then: +1

Yeah, @fivaldi. We usually have it at info. We had to turn it to debug today to figure some stuff out, but even then this was super spammy. We can get this same info by cranking up the logging at the messaging layer.

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11 months ago