#958 Added search for modules by binary rpm.
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@@ -1064,3 +1064,26 @@ 

          if self.config.koji_enable_content_generator and self.module.state == 3:

              cg = KojiContentGenerator(self.module, self.config)



+     @staticmethod

+     def get_rpm_module_tag(rpm):

+         """

+         Returns koji tag of a given rpm filename.


+         :param str rpm: the *.rpm filename of a rpm

+         :rtype: str

+         :return: koji tag

+         """


+         session = KojiModuleBuilder.get_session(conf, None)

+         rpm_md = session.getRPM(rpm)

+         if not rpm_md:

+             return None


+         tags = []

+         koji_tags = session.listTags(rpm_md["build_id"])

+         for t in koji_tags:

+             if not t["name"].endswith("-build") and t["name"].startswith("module-"):

+                 tags.append(t["name"])


+         return tags

@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ 

  from flask import request, url_for, Response

  from sqlalchemy.sql.sqltypes import Boolean as sqlalchemy_boolean


- from module_build_service import models, api_version

+ from module_build_service import models, api_version, conf

  from module_build_service.errors import ValidationError, NotFound

  from .general import scm_url_schemes


@@ -212,12 +212,25 @@ 

          for key, part in zip(query_keys, nsvc_parts):

              search_query[key] = part


+     rpm = flask_request.args.get('rpm', None)

+     koji_tags = []

+     if rpm:

+         if conf.system == "koji":

+             # we are importing the koji builder here so we can search for the rpm metadata

+             # from koji. If we imported this regulary we would have gotten a circular import error.

+             from module_build_service.builder.KojiModuleBuilder import KojiModuleBuilder # noqa

+             koji_tags = KojiModuleBuilder.get_rpm_module_tag(rpm)

+         else:

+             raise ValidationError("Configured builder does not allow to search by rpm binary name!")


      query = models.ModuleBuild.query


      if search_query:

          query = query.filter_by(**search_query)

      if search_states:

          query = query.filter(models.ModuleBuild.state.in_(search_states))

+     if koji_tags:

+         query = query.filter(models.ModuleBuild.koji_tag.in_(koji_tags)).filter_by(**search_query)


      # This is used when filtering the date request parameters, but it is here to avoid recompiling

      utc_iso_datetime_regex = re.compile(

@@ -24,14 +24,15 @@ 


  import module_build_service.scm


- from mock import patch, PropertyMock

+ from mock import patch, PropertyMock, Mock

  from shutil import copyfile

  from os import path, mkdir

  from os.path import dirname

+ from requests.utils import quote

  import hashlib

  import pytest


- from tests import app, init_data, clean_database

+ from tests import app, init_data, clean_database, reuse_component_init_data

  from module_build_service.errors import UnprocessableEntity

  from module_build_service.models import ModuleBuild

  from module_build_service import db, version, Modulemd

@@ -392,6 +393,51 @@ 

                  for key, part in zip(nsvc_keys, nsvc_parts):

                      assert item[key] == part


+     @patch("module_build_service.builder.KojiModuleBuilder.KojiModuleBuilder.get_session")

+     def test_query_builds_with_binary_rpm(self, mock_get_session):

+         """

+         Test for querying MBS with the binary rpm filename. MBS should return all the modules,

+         which contain the rpm.

+         """

+         # update database with builds which contain koji tags.

+         reuse_component_init_data()

+         mock_rpm_md = {"build_id": 1065871}

+         mock_tags = [{"name": "module-testmodule-master-20170219191323-c40c156c"},

+                      {"name": "module-testmodule-master-20170219191323-c40c156c-build"},

+                      {"name": "non-module-tag"},

+                      {"name": "module-testmodule-master-20170109091357-78e4a6fd"}]


+         mock_session = Mock()

+         mock_session.getRPM.return_value = mock_rpm_md

+         mock_session.listTags.return_value = mock_tags

+         mock_get_session.return_value = mock_session


+         rpm = quote('module-build-macros-0.1-1.testmodule_master_20170303190726.src.rpm')

+         rv = self.client.get('/module-build-service/1/module-builds/?rpm=%s' % rpm)

+         results = json.loads(rv.data)['items']


+         assert len(results) == 2

+         assert results[0]["koji_tag"] == "module-testmodule-master-20170219191323-c40c156c"

+         assert results[1]["koji_tag"] == "module-testmodule-master-20170109091357-78e4a6fd"


+         mock_session.getRPM.assert_called_once_with(

+             "module-build-macros-0.1-1.testmodule_master_20170303190726.src.rpm")

+         mock_session.listTags.assert_called_once_with(mock_rpm_md["build_id"])


+     @patch('module_build_service.config.Config.system',

+            new_callable=PropertyMock, return_value="invalid_builder")

+     def test_query_builds_with_binary_rpm_not_koji(self, mock_builder):

+         rpm = quote('module-build-macros-0.1-1.testmodule_master_20170303190726.src.rpm')

+         rv = self.client.get('/module-build-service/1/module-builds/?rpm=%s' % rpm)

+         results = json.loads(rv.data)

+         expected_error = {

+             'error': 'Bad Request',

+             'message': 'Configured builder does not allow to search by rpm binary name!',

+             'status': 400

+         }

+         assert rv.status_code == 400

+         assert results == expected_error


      def test_query_component_build(self):

          rv = self.client.get('/module-build-service/1/component-builds/1')

          data = json.loads(rv.data)

Hi All,

we spoke about this with @jkaluza before he went to PTO. We use koji to find the rpm and then get the tags. After that we can find the correct module in mbs, to which an rpm belongs to, by its tag.

@ralph @fivaldi @mprahl

Signed-off-by: Martin Curlej mcurlej@redhat.com

I'd suggest using static method get session from builder.KojiModuleBuilder.KojiModuleBuilder.

What do you think?

@mcurlej, so although we only use one builder (Koji), MBS has a plugin system for different builders. I suggest adding this functionality as a method (likely static) on the Koji builder. That way when COPR support returns (it's been broken for a while), they can specify how to query COPR instead of Koji.

The input should be sanitized against some malformed requests.

Please document the rpm param in the README.

What should happen if rpm_md is None?

@fivaldi this should be done in an another PR as no input is checked. Afaik this is done by flask itself. At least it removes special characters or converts them to url friendly entities, thats why in the test i have to quote because the special chars where removed by flask.

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a year ago

Could you add an entry in the base class for this method and raise NotImplementedError() like we do for the other required method?

On second thought, this is very Koji specific so I think it's best to not create an entry in the base class.

What if the first tag is a tag that MBS isn't aware of? I don't think this happens now but it could in the future. You could at the very least make sure the tag starts with module-, but it'd be better if you just returned all the tags that start with module- and don't end with -build and filter based off of those.

Also check if the builder is Koji, or else you should raise an exception stating the rpm parameter isn't supported on that builder.

You should the returned JSON to make sure the filter worked as expected.

@mcurlej I left a few comments. Please let me when you are ready for review again.

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a year ago

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