#1726 Update handler name used by SQLAlchemy
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@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ 




+ import sqlalchemy

  from sqlalchemy import event


@@ -85,9 +86,11 @@ 

      if not target:

          target = db.engine


-     @event.listens_for(target, "dbapi_error", named=True)

-     def receive_dbapi_error(**kw):

-         db_dbapi_error_counter.inc()

+     if sqlalchemy.__version__[0] == "0":

+         # Deprecated since 0.9

+         @event.listens_for(target, "dbapi_error", named=True)

+         def receive_dbapi_error(**kw):

+             db_dbapi_error_counter.inc()


      @event.listens_for(target, "engine_connect")

      def receive_engine_connect(conn, branch):

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My initial reaction is that this is removing functionality. Seems like we should conditionally use the handle_error event for newer versions.


It's got a bit of a different signature compared to db_dbapi_error (though that doesn't really matter since we're just incrementing a counter).

Here is a similar solution from another project:

Also I think the check is backwards. if sqlalchemy.__version__[0] != "0" is the newer lib case.

Unit tests fail in py2 unit tests.

tests/test_common/test_monitor.py::TestViews::test_metrics FAILED [ 22%]
tests/test_common/test_monitor.py::test_standalone_metrics_server FAILED

The failed assertions are simply metric counts, so I think with my suggested above this error will go away.


self = <tests.test_common.test_monitor.TestViews instance at 0x7f560e5af488>, provide_test_data = None

    def test_metrics(self, provide_test_data):
        rv = self.client.get("/module-build-service/1/monitor/metrics")

        count = len([
            line for line in rv.get_data(as_text=True).splitlines()
            if (line.startswith("# TYPE") and "_created " not in line)
>       assert count == num_of_metrics
E       assert 17 == 18
E         -17
E         +18

tests/test_common/test_monitor.py:29: AssertionError

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Also updated the num_of_metrics value since it's now going to either have handle_error or dbapi_error, not both.

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Ah, this is what I get for just looking at the diff. I didn't realize we were already grabbing handle_error.

I guess to properly preserve the counter, we'd need to analyze the error in handle_error and determine if it is a dbapi error. However, that can probably wait for now. We can file a separate issue as a reminder

I think the simplest approach is pretty close to your original version. Something like:

I think it's easier to just keep the counter around, even in situations where we're not incrementing it. When we reach the point where we can stop supporting rhel7, then we can just drop it entirely.

Side note: db_dbapi_error wasn't removed until 1.4 (see here), but probably ok to just stick with the simpler version check we have rather than adding a bunch of code to parse the version string.

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