#1155 Add a log statement to know when the poller processes a paused module build
Merged 4 months ago by mprahl. Opened 5 months ago by mprahl.

@@ -231,6 +231,7 @@ 

          log.warning('process_open_component_builds is not yet implemented...')


      def process_paused_module_builds(self, config, session):

+         log.info('Looking for paused module builds in the build state')

          if module_build_service.utils.at_concurrent_component_threshold(

                  config, session):

              log.debug('Will not attempt to start paused module builds due to '

@@ -255,6 +256,7 @@ 

              # repo-regen.

              if (not module_build.current_batch(koji.BUILD_STATES['BUILDING']) and

                 not module_build.new_repo_task_id):

+                 log.info('  Processing the paused module build %r', module_build)

                  # Initialize the builder...

                  builder = GenericBuilder.create_from_module(

                      session, module_build, config)

We encountered an issue where start_next_batch_build was called twice on a
module build and it caused the module build to fail because Brew failed
one of the components since it was submitted twice. This will help us narrow
down the issue if it happens again.

rebased onto 8cfb7c9

5 months ago

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4 months ago