#1128 Allow setting context in the imported MMD file.
Merged 6 months ago by mprahl. Opened 6 months ago by jkaluza.
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@@ -277,17 +277,12 @@ 

      The ModuleBuild.rebuild_strategy is set to "all".

      The ModuleBuild.owner is set to "mbs_import".


-     TODO: The "context" is not stored directly in database. We only store

-     build_context and runtime_context and compute context, but when importing

-     the module, we have no idea what build_context or runtime_context is - we only

-     know the resulting "context", but there is no way to store it into do DB.

-     By now, we just ignore mmd.get_context() and use default 00000000 context instead.


      :return: module build (ModuleBuild),

               log messages collected during import (list)

      :rtype: tuple


-     mmd.set_context(models.DEFAULT_MODULE_CONTEXT)

+     if not mmd.get_context():

+         mmd.set_context(models.DEFAULT_MODULE_CONTEXT)

      name = mmd.get_name()

      stream = mmd.get_stream()

      version = str(mmd.get_version())

@@ -298,6 +298,27 @@ 

      def teardown_method(self, test_method):



+     @pytest.mark.parametrize('context', ["c1", None])

+     def test_import_mmd_contexts(self, context):

+         mmd = Modulemd.Module().new_from_file(

+             path.join(BASE_DIR, '..', 'staged_data', 'formatted_testmodule.yaml'))

+         mmd.upgrade()

+         mmd.set_context(context)


+         xmd = glib.from_variant_dict(mmd.get_xmd())

+         xmd['mbs']['koji_tag'] = 'foo'

+         mmd.set_xmd(glib.dict_values(xmd))


+         build, msgs = module_build_service.utils.import_mmd(db.session, mmd)


+         mmd_context = build.mmd().get_context()

+         if context:

+             assert mmd_context == context

+             assert build.context == context

+         else:

+             assert mmd_context == models.DEFAULT_MODULE_CONTEXT

+             assert build.context == models.DEFAULT_MODULE_CONTEXT


      def test_get_rpm_release_mse(self):


          build_one = models.ModuleBuild.query.get(2)

We always set the "context" to DEFAULT_MODULE_CONTEXT from the historical
reasons - the context was not stored in the database before and we stored
just the build_context/runtime_context. But this is no longer true for
some time.

In this commit, the context is respected and stored in the database when
importing module using the import_mmd method. If the context is not set
in the imported MMD, the DEFAULT_MODULE_CONTEXT is used.

Depends on PR#1127 (they touch the same tests...).

This is needed for EPEL8 so Fedora Infra/releng people are able to import existing inherited EPEL8 modules into MBS database in order to build the modules against them.

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