#1121 record_filtered_rpms: Don't discard buildrequires if filtered_rpms already is found
Merged 6 months ago by mprahl. Opened 6 months ago by otaylor.
otaylor/fm-orchestrator xmd-buildrequires  into  master

@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ 

          # In case this is module resubmit or local build, the filtered_rpms

          # will already be there, so there is no point in generating them again.

          if "filtered_rpms" in req_data:

+             new_buildrequires[req_name] = req_data



          # We can just get the first modulemd data from result right here thanks to

Due to a logic error, if record_filtered_rpms() was called on a module which
already had filtered_rpms set, the buildrequires xmd information was discarded.
This broke all local builds.

Pull-Request has been merged by mprahl

6 months ago