#1115 Don't define DistTag anymore
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Don't define DistTag anymore
Petr Šabata • 6 months ago  

@@ -339,7 +339,6 @@ 


          spec_content = """

  %global dist {disttag}

- %global disttag module({module_name}:{module_stream}:{module_version}:{module_context})

  %global modularitylabel {module_name}:{module_stream}:{module_version}:{module_context}

  %global _module_name {module_name}

  %global _module_stream {module_stream}

@@ -402,7 +401,6 @@ 

  # General macros set by MBS


  %dist {disttag}

- %disttag module({module_name}:{module_stream}:{module_version}:{module_context})

  %modularitylabel {module_name}:{module_stream}:{module_version}:{module_context}

  %_module_build 1

  %_module_name {module_name}

Fedora 30 now includes rpm- with support for
ModularityLabel. We're not using the DistTag anywhere anymore and it
should be safe to drop it at this point.

Signed-off-by: Petr Šabata contyk@redhat.com

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6 months ago