#1102 Force the epoch on RPM artifacts in the modulemd files uploaded to the CG build
Closed 7 months ago by mprahl. Opened 7 months ago by mprahl.

@@ -605,7 +605,11 @@ 

              # the `non_devel_source_rpms` dict and is later used to create complement

              # list for -devel modules.

              if should_include:

-                 non_devel_source_rpms[rpm["name"]] = rpm["srpm_nevra"]

+                 # Since rpm["srpm_nevra"] may not contain the epoch, parsing it and converting it

+                 # back to a string ensures we have the epoch, which libmodulemd requires

+                 parsed_srpm_nevra = kobo.rpmlib.parse_nvra(rpm["srpm_nevra"])

+                 srpm_nevra = kobo.rpmlib.make_nvra(parsed_srpm_nevra, force_epoch=True)

+                 non_devel_source_rpms[rpm["name"]] = srpm_nevra


              if self.devel and should_include:

                  # In case this is a -devel module, we want to skip any RPMs which would normally be

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