#1086 Don't clean up Koji build targets on base modules
Merged 8 months ago by mprahl. Opened 8 months ago by mprahl.

@@ -308,9 +308,10 @@ 

              koji_tag = target["dest_tag_name"]

              module = session.query(models.ModuleBuild).filter_by(


-             if not module or module.state in [models.BUILD_STATES["init"],

-                                               models.BUILD_STATES["wait"],

-                                               models.BUILD_STATES["build"]]:

+             if not module or module.name in conf.base_module_names or module.state in [

+                     models.BUILD_STATES["init"],

+                     models.BUILD_STATES["wait"],

+                     models.BUILD_STATES["build"]]:



              # Double-check that the target we are going to remove is prefixed

This will quiet down the error in the poller for "Module %r has Koji target with not allowed prefix."

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8 months ago