#974 Tag into koji based on runtime requires
Opened 2 years ago by ignatenkobrain. Modified 2 years ago


It has been tagged into f29-modular only because MBS seem to look into buildrequires instead of requires for platform.

After talking with @psabata it seems we need to keep it as is internally but need this change in Fedora, so this will have to be configurable for the time being.

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2 years ago

I also talked with @psabata and @ignatenkobrain and have more information on how this should behave. Basically, if a module doesn't require any platform, it should be an error. If a module requires a platform:[], we need to find the platform streams the requires require. For instance, if module b requires platform:[] and module a, but module a only requires platform:f28, then module b should only be tagged in the f28 tag.

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2 years ago

@psabata, @ignatenkobrain: What if all requires of requires require just platform:[]? I presume it should tag it to all current platforms, right?

Isn't this duplicate of #914?

WIP PR is here: https://pagure.io/fm-orchestrator/pull-request/979.

However, as we discussed on #fedora-modularity today, shipping of modules for multiple fedora releases built against single fedora release is not possible without big Bodhi change which Patrick and Randy suggest to do for F30/F31.

I'm still OK with finishing the PR, but in a way we can make the effect optional and still keep the current behaviour until bodhi is fixed.

@jkaluza Are you saying that the same module NSVC can't be shipped for more than one release? Then what's the point of allowing requires more than one platform, such as "platform: []"?

Could "as discussed on #fedora-modularity today" please be copied into this ticket so we have a durable record? Thanks!

Do we have a Bodhi ticket tracking the non-trivial RFE to support shipping one module build to multiple releases? It would be good to keep a link here.

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