#960 Check stream EOL before building
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago Opened 2 years ago by ralph.

Before building a module, MBS should check PDC (the url of which will move to a new location in the future) to see if the stream being requested is still active (not EOL). If it is inactive, then fail the build with a nice error message.

Triggered by https://pagure.io/modularity/issue/102

@mohanboddu, the PR is merged there. Is this something you'd like us to pursue a FBR for? Or, is it something that can wait until the freeze thaws?

@ralph I guess it should be deployed sooner the better. If you think that it might break stuff, then I think we should wait for beta freeze.

The sooner we deploy it, we will avoid building/pushing of eol'ed modules but I am not sure if there are any of those at this point.

Freeze is up. Upgrading mbs.

OK, this is deployed to prod.

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2 years ago

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