#1716 flask-script is deprecated
Opened 11 months ago by lbalhar. Modified 8 months ago


We are going to update flask stack in rawhide and module-build-service fails to build from source because it uses flask-script. Flask-script is deprecated for a long time, see https://github.com/smurfix/flask-script, and it should not be needed anymore for command line Flask interfaces.

It'd be best to remove the dependency so the package can be retired from Fedora because it probably won't be fixed.

Let me know if you need any assistance.

python-flask-script fails to build from source in Fedora rawhide/35, and will soon be retired unless someone new steps up to update it. The effort would be much better spent though on migrating away from it.

Since python-flask is not a new enough version in RHEL 7/CentOS 7, using python-flask's built in functionality (as seen in PR #1602 will not be possible. Instead, I've been working on reimplementing the functionality with argparse.

Work is still underway; I have a rough WIP of my changes so far here, currently following up with @mikem with some questions about our implementation.

Considering the deadline of next Tuesday, after discussing with Mike, we've decided to patch in this change for Fedora, which removes the flask-script dependency in favor of click.

I'm working on getting that built now.

I've built MBS for Fedora with that change; you can see the modified manage.py in this branch.

Unfortunately mbs-manager does not support the flask 'db' commands in F35+ now, as those were dependent on flask-migrate and they have removed that functionality. Instead, the flask cli itself can be used for that purpose.

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