#1409 Erroneous re-use of components from builds against different platforms
Opened a year ago by mbooth. Modified a year ago

Consider this build of eclipse:latest against platform:f30 ...


This build against platform:f31 re-uses all the components from the above build:


That cannot be correct -- what if some ABI changed between platform versions? At the very least, archful packages must be rebuilt...

Discussion from IRC:

[14:55:24] <mprahl> jkaluza: This PR https://pagure.io/fm-orchestrator/pull-request/1351 introduced the bug mbooth described.
[14:55:41] <mbooth> mprahl: Shall I file a bug?
[14:55:59] <mprahl> mbooth: Please do, but we need to fix this ASAP.
[14:56:44] <mprahl> jkaluza: get_reusable_module calls get_base_module_mmds which returns all the Fedora platforms in the ready stage.
[14:56:58] <jkaluza> mprahl: yeah
[14:57:39] <jkaluza> mprahl: we should probably not call that method in case when allow_only_compatible_base_modules is False
[14:57:52] <jkaluza> and simply use the buildrequire platform module in this case

Metadata Update from @mprahl:
- Issue assigned to mprahl

a year ago

I retired 6377 and 6376. I have a proposed patch sent to @jkaluza that I'm awaiting approval on before hotfixing production.

I filed the following releng ticket to retire the other errant modules:

MBS production was hotfixed around 14:20 UTC.

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