#1334 Fix the provides of base modules when it has a stream version
Opened a year ago by mprahl. Modified a year ago

If the base module contains a "stream version" in the stream, we create a provide that includes the stream version in "_add_base_module_provides". The generic code which also includes the module's version, should be skipped.

For example, for platform:el8.0.0:1:00000000, the following provides are created:
module(platform:el8.0.0) = 80000
module(platform:el8.0.0) = 1

Since the stream has a "stream version" of 80000, it should just be:
module(platform:el8.0.0) = 80000

This is because if the module's version is higher than the module's stream version, that will be picked by libsolv.

This hasn't been hit in production because the module versions have always been lower, but it should be addressed.

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