#1267 Implement bootstrap feature from modulemd v2
Opened a year ago by mbooth. Modified 9 months ago

Follow on from https://pagure.io/fm-orchestrator/issue/1132

I want to be able to use this feature from libmodulemd v2:

                # The real name of the package, if it differs from the key in
                # this dictionary. Used when bootstrapping to build a
                # bootstrapping ref before building the package for real.
                # Optional
                name: bar-real

So I can bootstrap and de-bootstrap in a single module build run. Currently I have to build a module twice to perform a re-bootstrap.

[15:16:44] <sgallagh> And bootstrap is basically just a naming fudge so you can have the same component name but pointing at a different ref (or having different flags)
[15:17:15] <sgallagh> s/flags/build options/
[15:17:20] <sgallagh> Like macros
[15:16:18] <mbooth> FWIW there are separate tickets requesting these features be implemented :-)
[15:17:42] <sgallagh> mbooth: Most of these are actually there today.

@sgallagh So can I use this feature now? (Is this ticket obsolete?) Last time I tried I was told the MBS support for libmodulemd2 features was not yet added.

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