#1217 [RFE] Provide a tool to get module-build-macros SRPM out of modulemd YAML
Opened a year ago by vondruch. Modified a year ago

Because the module-build-macros SRPM is the central piece for building module package, it would be useful to have a simple tool, which would provide the module-build-macros SRPM out of modulemd YAML. Having the SRPM at hand, it would allow me to build modular packages by hand in Mock.

Basically, is should be some simple command line tool, which calls the KojiModuleBuilder.get_disttag_srpm

May be I should contact the fedpkg developers, because calling fedpkg srpm in directory with module YAML file could be interesting variant.

BTW no, I don't call this simple tool:

$ sudo dnf install module-build-service

... snip ...

Install  57 Packages

Total download size: 23 M
Installed size: 100 M
Is this ok [y/N]: 

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