Flock Repo

This repository manages the Flock Call for Papers, City Selection process, and stores notes and files related to running Flock. The Flock budget is tracked with the rest of the Fedora Budget.

Where will Flock be held?

The Fedora Council approved this guidance for 2019 and 2020:

  • 2019 - A city within a 4-5 hour bus/train journey of Brno, Czech Republic. This is based on the huge number of attendees coming specifically from near Brno and making their travel a bit easier on our and their budgets. This search is in progress.

  • 2020 - A "tier2" city with good air connections in the mid-west to west coast part of the US. We want to find a good cost, which may mean avoiding many tier 1 cities. Additionally we want to not have the conference seem to be "stuck" to the East Coast.

How are cities selected?

We follow a six step process:

  1. Fedora Council decides on a general region.
  2. Events team comes back with several possibilities in that region.
  3. We get community feedback on ability to attend and excitment for each of those, and return a ranked list to events team.
  4. Fedora Council and events team pick final location.
  5. Community people in or around that location who are able and willing to volunteer to help with logistics, finding awesome evening events, etc., are absolutely invited to work together.
  6. Awesome Flock conference!

This discussion on provides the background for this decision.

How much does it cost to attend Flock?

There is a voluntary ticket fee to attend Flock. The payment is optional, meaning attendees can choose not to pay. The optional payment is suggested based on a 25 USD payment for individuals in North America. This payment amount is scaled for other geos based on the Big Mac Index. This is recalculated annually.