#94 Fedora in Google Summer of Code and Outreachy - Project Showcase
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What is your proposal?

Google Summer of Code(GSoC) is a program aiming to bring more student developers into open source software development. It enables students to spend their summer break working with open source organizations on projects proposed by participating organizations and supported by mentors. Outreachy (previously, Outreach program for women) provides three-month internships in free and open source organizations for people from groups traditionally underrepresented in tech.

The Fedora Project has participated in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) as a mentoring organization for over a decade now and has been participated in Outreachy since its' early rounds. This session will be an opportunity to showcase projects of current and former GSoC and Outreachy interns in Fedora to the community. This session will cover

  • What is Google summer of Code(GSoC) and Outreachy? Information about the programs including timeline, similarities and key differences.

  • GSoC, Outreachy and Fedora

  • Why should you become a GSoC or Outreachy mentor?

  • Steps to apply to become a GSoC or Outreachy mentor - Things to keep in mind and important tips from current and past mentors and/or Fedora coordinators for the program

  • Project showcase from current and former GSoC and Outreachy interns.

We are working on compiling a list of interns who can showcase their projects. We will reach out to everyone soon. In the meantime, if you are interested to showcase your GSoC or Outreachy project or have been a mentor for either of the programs in the past and want to talk about your experience or want to help us organize this session, please reach out to us: bee2502@fedoraproject.org

Who needs to be in the room for this to succeed?

Bee ( @bee2502)
Jona( @jonatoni )
Brian ( @bex )
Laura( @labbott )
Anna @algogator
Kanika @a2batic
Sumantro @sumantrom
Sachin @skamath
and other GSoC/Outreachy interns and mentors - and especially Fedora community members.

Is this a…

30 minutes: Talk - a poster session kind of format is also welcome..

Anything else we need to know?

A/V for showcasing demos,
Needs to be recorded in good quality !!

Who are you?

Name: Bee
FAS ID: @bee2502

Name: Jona
FAS ID: @jonatoni

We are looking for other organizers to help! Anybody with experience related to GSoC or Outreachy is welcome

I'd be glad to help coordinate each of the presenters to have some time to share their projects in a 15-20 minute-per-presentation style format, then have a time at the end to discuss further developments/GSoC and Fedora/Fedora/etc... I spent some time 7 summers ago attending a GSoC event so I have a general idea of what to expect.

I'd be very happy to give a short presentation on my GSoC project Fedora IoT: Atomic Host Upgrade Daemon.
So far, a greenboot, a generic health check framework for systemd has been released. A similar concept has also been written into systemd recently, so there will be some changes in greenboot to reflect that before Flock.
Another goal is to implement boot counting, which will require multiple smaller changes at various places, some of which I might contribute until then.

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2 years ago

@lorbus @rpitonak @algogator Glad that you want to talk about your projects. I will send you an email soon to discuss more.

@dustymabe would you be interested to talk about your experience as a mentor?

@coremodule That is what we were thinking right now. Will you be at FLOCK this year? We can coordinate together, if you want.

I and @amitosh can talk about our GSoC 2018 Project: Fedora Community App.

@dustymabe would you be interested to talk about your experience as a mentor?

perhaps briefly, if you want to ask me some questions (interview style) that could work as well.

@bee2502 Yes, I'll be at Flock this year. Which day were you thinking of to run the seminar?

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2 years ago

Hello everyone,

I have sent an email with instructions and agenda for the talk. Let me know via email if you have any questions or feedback.

@dustymabe I have added topic suggestions in the email
@coremodule sorry for the delay! The talk is on friday at 1120. Let me know your feedback on agenda and instructions via email and we can coordinate together.

@bex @labbott If you are free then, it would be great to have you there and maybe you can speak a few words. I have forwarded the email to you too.

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