#88 [Workshop] Anything you’d like to know about Localization
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How to become a Fedora translator? how to become a Language Coordinator? My language team coordinator does not respond, what to do? I am Upstream package maintainer, how can I get my package to be translated?

Becoming a Fedora translator means becoming a part of Fedora Localization Project team. It is not just registering to the systems. It requires to interact with other members in your language team, and sometime with other team members. This workshop will go through the procedure step by step. Then it explains about the roles of Translator, Reviewer and Coordinator. We go through some typical questions and answers, the questions asked in the workshop, including the ones posted ahead of time in this issue ticket and/or trans at lists dot fedoraproject dot org. If you are a developer and do not know how localization process works, please join. I also would like to discuss and have clearer translation prioritization of the Fedora packages and upstream packages.

Fedora Translators
- Any questions or issue will be discussed
- Any ideas to improve translation process will be turned into an action list

Fedora/Upstream package maintainers
- Any questions about the process
- Localization is part of dev cycle
- How to break string freeze, don’t be quiet, be loud

This is a …
Workshop of 45 minutes

Who am I
Name: Noriko Mizumoto
FAS ID: noriko
IRC nick: noriko

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I regret that we are unable to accept this talk this year. There will be lightning talk sessions and I encourage you to consider this option.

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