#67 [Talk] At Long Last, Rings: Split Lifecycles
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1 - What’s your proposal? Be specific about what you want to accomplish, how this helps the project and the attendees. Review [link to CFP] for details on what we’re looking for.

Fedora was conceived at a time where Linux was still seen as a “do anything and everything at once” OS. The way we handle the package universe -- core platform, software stacks, high level applications -- still reflects that view. System owners, on the other hand, now expect apps and OS to rev differently. Come listen to some ideas on how Fedora can better meet their expectations. We’ll also cover how will this benefit the community and open up new possibilities for Fedora to entice contributors.

2 - Who needs to be in the room for this to succeed? List each person by Name and FAS ID as Name (FAS ID)

  • Matthew Miller (mattdm)
  • Kevin Fenzi (kevin)
  • Mohan Boddu (mohanboddu)
  • Adam Williamson (adamwill)
  • Langdon White (langdon)
  • Petr Šabata (psabata)
  • Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh)
  • Josh Boyer (jwboyer)
  • Brian Exelbierd (bex)
  • Brendan Conoboy (blc)
  • Christian Schaller (cschalle)
  • Colin Walters (walters)

3 - Is this a … (Delete all that DO NOT apply)

  • Talk of 60 minutes

4 - Anything else we need to know? This could be room setup, A/V needs, etc. If you have private concerns, please email them to flock-admin@fedoraproject.org.

  • This talk is part of a set of four interrelated talks on future Fedora strategy. As a whole they're meant to reduce haze and hand waving, and clarify the work ahead to increase value in Fedora to both the community and Red Hat. Ideally these talks should be positioned as a mini-track, perhaps plenary. It would not be helpful for them to be placed against each other, or against other highly critical strategic talks. Talks include:
  • If we run these end-to-end, may be able to trim each slightly -- in other words, not consuming 4 hours total.

5 - Who are you?

  • Name: Paul W. Frields
  • FAS ID: pfrields
  • IRC Nick, if not FAS ID: stickster

You may wish to add #6 to this list. You could also consider #76, however it may not be quite in the same vein.

You may wish to add #6 to this list. You could also consider #76, however it may not be quite in the same vein.

Thanks -- those are somewhat related, to be sure. Modularity helps us deliver specific sets of software on different lifecycles. This talk is more about decoupling the base OS from most nonessential userspace and how that affects the way we approach producing Fedora. I have a feeling #6 is about the tactical approach to certain parts of userspace. We may want to consider folding #76 into this talk, actually.

Also... despite targeting a list of folks above, I think this talk will be of high interest to all long-time contributors.

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From viewing the Flock 2018 schedule today it looks like the idea of a plenary track for these important strategy talks wasn't accepted. We can work with that. However, the ordering as it currently stands will make it difficult for attendees to get context. I've sent email to bex et al. with a set of suggested changes about moving talks around. I can copy that strawman here if anyone needs.

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