#59 [talk] 2 months with Fedora Silverblue, how to get things done when /usr is readonly
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Team Silverblue is the renaming of the effort called "Fedora Atomic Workstation", based on the concept of having a immutable base system using ostree, flatpak and containers for the day to day work.

This talk will explore and discuss the various workflow and change that a user may face, the efforts currently done to make things easier and gather feedback from people on the proposals to improve silverblue.

  • What is Silverblue
    • ostree
    • flatpak
    • buildah/podman
  • Daily and non daily workflow, pro, cons
    • getting flatpak
    • making your own flatpak
    • Working with pet containers with buildah/podman
    • rpm-ostree install, when to use it, and when not to use it
    • Changing the base of the OS
  • Q/A and discussion/proposal

People who want to know what is currently being done on the project, those who want to ask questions about making the switch, and people wanting to have a excuse to look at my purple hairs for 1 hour without being creepy.

* Michael Scherer (FAS/IRC: misc)

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