#50 [evening activity] International Candy Swap
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This 60 minute event is a continuation of a tradition at Flock for Fedora contributors to share candies, sweets, and desserts from their home countries with other community members.

Do you have a unique sweet dessert or candy from your country or hometown? Do you love to try new and exciting foods from around the world? Spend an hour with fellow Fedorans as we share stories and candies from the world with each other. Participants are invited to bring a unique confectionary or candy from their country or city to share with multiple other people. Before going around to try yummy things, all participants explain what item they bring and any story about its origins or where it is normally used. After sharing, everyone who brought something rotates around to try candies brought by others. After all participants have had a chance to sample, the rest of the community is invited to come and try anything remaining.

To participate, please write an email to Justin W. Flory (jwf [at] fedoraproject [dot] org) to confirm your participation, what unique candy or sweet you are bringing, what country it is from, and major ingredients (for taking notes on food allergies).


This tradition began at Flock 2016 – it is always organized separate from the main conference and is usually held alongside one of the planned evening events. I hope to plan and coordinate this again at Flock 2018. I am submitting it as an official proposal because I would like for it to be calendared into the Flock 2018 schedule to grow awareness and participation. Every year, it is always a unique opportunity to learn about the other people in our Fedora community. Food (and candies) are a fun and interactive way for everyone to share a little bit of their home.

It is a unique experience to boost community morale – in my perspective, it has been a great success at Flock for the past two years.

Who is needed

The Fedora community!

This is a…

It is not a talk, but it is estimated to take 60 minutes to set up, present the candies, sample them, and clean up.

  • 60 minutes: Talk

Anything else to know?

At minimum, a large table (preferably long than round) is needed to set up candies.

Preferably, the space has other tables and chairs for people to sit down and enjoy what they eat while talking with others.

Who am I?

  • Name: Justin W. Flory
  • FAS ID: jflory7
  • IRC nick: jwf

I feel like this would also be a good session for people to share contributor stories and introduce and promote Fedora Appreciation Week. The idea behind these is we want to ask people from the Fedora community for stories about other people in the community who had a positive impact on them. We plan to share these stories on the Community Blog during Fedora Appreciation Week in November. Community Operations team is coordinating this effort with support of Diversity and Inclusion team.

Also, from a diversity and inclusion team perspective, we would love to generate content i.e. photos and videos during the session to showcase diversity and inclusion in the Fedora community.

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