#49 [workshop] How to become a Fedora Badges Sysadmin Superstar
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Co-organizers: @churchyard @nb @sayanchowdhury

This workshop is an interactive session to teach Fedora contributors how to get involved with Fedora Badges as a sysadmin. The goal is to sponsor new sysadmins during the workshop and have participants push new badges live during the workshop.

The workshop is split into two parts:

  • Verbal introduction to Fedora Badges, the stack, and tools needed, and the processes to push badges
  • Interactive session for attendees to try and push new badges

The verbal introduction is a quick overview of the Fedora Badges stack. It gives background on how the pieces are composed, how the Infrastructure works, and what is going on under the hood. Then, it will walk through the procedure to push new badges by walking through our documentation.

The interactive session is a chance for participants to put their new knowledge to action. Participants will set up a development environment for pushing new badges. For their first contribution, they will work with a mentor (i.e. a sponsored Fedora Badges sysadmin) to respond to a Badges ticket that is in the "ready to be pushed" status. After following the steps, the goal is to sponsor attendees into the FAS group for access to push badges on their own after the workshop.

The overall goal is to grow the number of system administrators helping with Fedora Badges to increase response time to badge tickets ready to be pushed, and possibly generate development interest in the underlying components.

Who/what is needed

  • Co-organizers:
  • sysadmin-badges FAS sponsor
  • Ticket #47
    • Ticket #47 is the Fedora Badges design workshop – if both are accepted, it is mutually beneficial to schedule the design workshop BEFORE the sysadmin workshop

This is a…

  • Workshop of 2 hours

Anything else to know?

Attendees need to have a Yubikey device to run the script to deploy badge artwork to Fedora Infrastructure. Last year, I remember someone in the Fedora community having discounted Yubikeys or an extra surplus of them. If you can provide some extra Yubikeys at our session and are willing to do so, please get in touch with me! (To be clear, I am not asking Flock organizers for this.)

Power access for charging laptops during the workshop is vital. Our workshop's success is dependent on people using personal devices to walk through the steps to push a badge.

Who am I?

  • Name: Justin W. Flory
  • FAS ID: jflory7
  • IRC nick: jwf

Attendees need to have a Yubikey device to run the script to deploy badge artwork to Fedora Infrastructure.

I don't have one and it works.

I don't have one and it works.

This refers to the push-badges.yml playbook that uses rbac-playbook command via the Batcave machine to syndicate artwork from the Pagure repo out to the web host machine for Tahrir. This is explained more in detail here. The script may run automatically at certain intervals.

I have been discussing with @kevin to make a way where push-badges would be triggered by fedmsg so people don't have to be in sysadmin-badges to push badges

@jflory7 sudo rbac-playbook manual/push-badges.yml can by run with software OTP token. See https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/pull-request/617

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