#47 [workshop] Fedora Badges Design
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What’s your proposal? Be specific about what you want to accomplish, how this helps the project and the attendees.

"Come join us in learning the process for designing Fedora Badges. We will go over all the necessary design tools and resources and get completely set up to design using Inkscape. Next we will go through the Badges tutorial step by step as you design a badge. You will learn how to find the right tickets for you to tackle and remix pre-existing graphics to make new designs. This is a session to learn, express your creative side, and earn badges for your contributions!"

  • With this workshop I would like to further engagement with the design aspect of Fedora Badges. I hope to impart how easy it is to contribute artwork to this project no matter the skill level of the participant.
  • Gaining more design contributors to the Badges project would be a tremendous help as there would be more hands on deck to create more badges, and to tackle the mountain of pre-existing tickets. More badges = more participation across Fedora as a whole.
  • I think this would help attendees by exposing them to a design process which they may not have been previously acquainted with, or to strengthen the design skills they already possess. I also believe it is a light hearted aspect of Fedora, and it could give some variety for Flock attendees to try something new and fun.

Who needs to be in the room for this to succeed? List each person by Name and FAS ID as
Name (FAS ID)

  • Anyone who would like to contribute to Fedora Badges design. Hopefully a dozen+ people who would like to learn about the process of designing Fedora Badges. Newbies, intermediate, & experts all welcome!

This is a …

  • Workshop of 2 hours

Anything else we need to know? This could be room setup, A/V needs, etc.

  • Standard projector set up for slides

Who are you?

  • Name: Marie Nordin
  • FAS ID: riecatnor

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