#41 [keynote or talk] The power of one: For the good of the community
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The power of one: For the good of the community

We all have moments in our communities and projects where we wish that we could change something for the better.

How many times have you thought: "If I were in charge, things would be different..."?

But leadership is not something we are appointed to. It's finding the courage and having the skills, in difficult moments, to use our voices and our actions for the good of others.

Learn how to help your community overcome resistance to new ideas; bring calmness, reason, and respect back into heated discussions; and protect yourselves from bad actors and destructive behaviours.

Stop wishing for change. Start recognizing and using the power that you already have... and make a difference.

Rebecca Fernandez is Principal Program Manager at Red Hat, where she is responsible for global strategic projects and initiatives that help the company scale its open organizational culture. In 2017, Rebecca led the “Rediscovering Red Hat’s Why” project, which engaged 10,000+ Red Hatters to collaboratively develop a purpose statement for the company. She is the maintainer and evangelist of the Open Decision Framework, a collection of Red Hat’s best practices for open, collaborative, and inclusive decision making that has been featured in Forbes, ZDNet, Business Insider, and CEB’s open source change management webinar series. Rebecca is a writer and a communications coach with a passion for cultivating and sustaining great company and community cultures. She has contributed to opensource.com, was an editor for Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst’s book The Open Organization, and is an Open Organization Ambassador. Rebecca has spoken at many different events, including DevConf.cz, SXSW, Red Hat Summit, and All Things Open.

I would definitely love to attend this session if it were at Flock.

Hi Rebecca! This is approved as a keynote. Exact scheduling TBD.

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