#353 [Hatch - July 13th, 14th] Fedora Hatch Cork, Ireland
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Fedora Hatch Ireland - an in person mini event connecting Fedora contributors in the emerald isle!


Fedora Hatch Ireland is a 1.5 day in person event including an evening activity where the Fedora Community members in Ireland and potentially across Europe can connect with one another in person and reestablish or form new relationships, both personal and professional as they come together to contribute to and learn about the Fedora project. The proposed venue is the Red Hat office in Cork, Ireland and the event schedule is approx:

Day 1

0900 - 1200: Morning session of talks, inc coffee break
1200 - 1300: Lunch
1300 - 1600: Afternoon session of talks & workshop(s) inc coffee break
1630 - 2000: Bus to local brewery for tour, dinner and finally a real in-person fedora pub quiz!

Day 2

0900 - 1200: Contributor-focused workshop
1200 - 1300: Lunch
1300 - 1400: Wrap up & Retro
1500 - TBD: Optional dinner in retro-games themed gastrobar


Aoife Moloney
Stefan Mattejiet

Is this a…
Evening or other activity:
Fedora Hatch Ireland is a 1.5 day event including evening activity

Anything else we need to know?
Ideally we would like this event to have people who want to attend the event submit a talk proposal where a schedule can be build in advance for attendees. We imagine this event being able to cater for anywhere around 15 -30 people. We intend to use the Red Hat Cork office meeting facilities which are free of charge and also have approx costings for 2 nights accommodation, food and drink if this event is within the scope and budget of the Fedora Hatch event initiative.

Who are you?
Name: Aoife Moloney
FAS ID: amoloney
IRC Nick, if not FAS ID:
Timezone: Dublin, Ireland

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2 months ago

Hi @amoloney thank you for your Hatch submission, this sounds great! I am imagining an in person pub quiz lol that will be a blast :D

Could you provide a couple more pieces of info:
- Approximate breakdown of costs
- Any links to COVID-19 guidelines for the region and venue where the event will be located

Hiya @riecatnor ! Sure here is a rough breakdown of costs based on 20 people in attendance for 1.5 days inc 8 speaker and 2 organizer accommodation costs for 1 night. If budgets allow we could potentially cover accomodation for all attendees but at a minimum we would like to be able to provide accomodation for speakers and organizers.

Accomodation x1 night x10 ppl @ €110 B&B = €1100
Lunch x2 days + 1 evening dinner x 20 ppl @ €60 = €1200
Evening Activity (pub quiz and brewery tour) x 20 ppl @ €15 = €300
Transport from office to activity and return x1 @ €200
Total Event Cost approx: €2800

We would also have capacity to organize and host a second evening activity if there is interest and budget! Our suggestion would be to visit a retro games gastrobar for dinner and gaming fun: Dinner and some game tokens @ €25 x 20 ppl = €500
Transport x1 @ €200 return
Total for add on approx: €700 (20 ppl)

Total Total Event Cost for 2 full days approx: €3500

Covid Restrictions for Ireland: https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/77952-government-advice-on-international-travel/

We also intend to host the event in the Red Hat office in Cork which is open with conditions as per the internal source page information https://source.redhat.com/aboutredhat/office_locations/europe_mideast_africa/corkireland

Please let me know if you need any more information and I would be happy to provide it.

Aoife & Stefan

Hi @amoloney & Stefan

  • You are good to move forward on organizing this Hatch meetup. Please provide any updates here. I will reach out to you by email to work on logistics around funding.
  • Any persons who are non Red Hat employees receiving travel/accommodations need to fill out the funding eligibility form on the budget pagure [0] before they book any travel/accommodations. Red Hatters who will need travel/accommodations should follow their regional requirements and perform a cost center transfer.
  • @isagordillo will be working on some promotions that will include this Hatch event. She will follow up here with any details/requests related to that
  • Please fill out a swag shipment request form so we can get swag shipped out to you [1]
  • I would encourage you to take pictures or a group picture at the event
  • After the event has taken place, please write up an event report for the CommBlog. It can be brief (1-2 paragraphs).

[0] https://pagure.io/fedora-budget/new_issue?template=funding-eligibility
[1] https://pagure.io/fedora-budget/new_issue?template=swag-shipment

Hi @amoloney,

Please review and edit this tweet.

"Get ready to attend Fedora Hatch (hatched egg emoji) in Cork, Ireland on July 13th and 14th , organized by Aoife Moloney (clapping hands).

Looks good @isagordillo ! One amendment - we are unlikely able to host an event on the 14th so we are reducing our event to a one-day/one-evening mini conference. So if you drop the mention of the 14th then we are good with that tweet! :)

Final tweet:
Get ready to attend Fedora Hatch (hatched egg emoji) in Cork, Ireland on July 13th, organized by Aoife Moloney (clapping hands).

Also- Do you have a personal twitter account you would like for me to tag?

Sure! You can tag me @aoifemoloney4 :)

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Final tweet:
Get ready to attend Fedora Hatch (hatched egg emoji) in Cork, Ireland on
July 13th, organized by Aoife Moloney (clapping hands).

Also- Do you have a personal twitter account you would like for me to tag?

To reply, visit the link below or just reply to this email

Hi @amoloney

DEI team is working on putting together some content for the upcoming FWD. It would be great if someone at the Hatch can get photos of the event along with some video content.

Video- We are inspired by the Budapest Flock to Fedora.

Linked below is the FWD resource pack where you will scroll down and find the "Community Script"- use this script for speakers to follow!

Thank you!

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