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= Questions/Requested Information =

What is your proposal?

The Mexican Fedora communniy wants to organize a Fedora hatch with two talks (TBD) on a hackerspace https://ranchoelectronico.org/ on Mexico City, maybe with a cake or Tacos.

List each person by their name and FAS ID, as shown below:

Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez (@bt0dotninja)
Alex Callejas (@darkaxl017)
Efren A Robledo (@kraken)
Hazzim Anaya (@hazzimanaya)
Ivan Chavero (@ichavero)

Anything else we need to know?

If you have private concerns, please email them to

Who are you?

Name: Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez
FAS ID: bt0dotninja
IRC Nick, if not FAS ID:
Timezone: UTC-5

One thing to consider about the dates for this proposal is the annual GNOME contributor conference, GUADEC, is taking place in Guadalajara, México from 20-25 July 2022. The full details are below. It is likely there will be Red Hatters who work on GNOME and Fedora in México that week already.


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Hi @bt0dotninja thank you for your Hatch submission, this sounds great :D Cake and tacos, yum!!

Could you provide a couple more pieces of info:
- Dates for the event
- Approximately how many attendees do you expect
- Approximate breakdown of costs
- Any links to COVID-19 guidelines for the region and venue where the event will be located

Hello, my friends, sorry for the delay, I'm having many crazy days lately

Dates for the event: July 28
Approximately how many attendees do you expect: 25-30 people
- Approximate breakdown of costs: USD 400
- Any links to COVID-19 guidelines for the region and venue where the event will be located
Mexico’s Covid-19 Monitoring System
Mexico City Covid page

Hi @bt0dotninja thank you for the info! Some notes:

  • You are good to move forward on organizing this Hatch meetup. Please provide any updates here.
  • Based on your cost estimate, I am guessing there is no travel or accommodations needed, but if so, each person receiving that would need to fill out a the funding eligibility form on the budget pagure [0] before they book any travel/accommodations.
  • @isagordillo will be working on some promotions that will include this Hatch event. She will follow up here with any details/requests related to that
  • Please fill out a swag shipment request form so we can get swag shipped out to you [1]
  • I would encourage you to take pictures or a group picture at the event
  • After the event has taken place, please open a ticket on the budget pagure filling out the default form[2] for reimbursement.
  • After the event has taken place, please write up an event report for the CommBlog. It can be brief (1-2 paragraphs).

[0] https://pagure.io/fedora-budget/new_issue?template=funding-eligibility
[1] https://pagure.io/fedora-budget/new_issue?template=swag-shipment
[2] https://pagure.io/fedora-budget/new_issue

Hi @bt0dotninja the discussion Hatch Promo post is linked: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/hatch-with-fedora-is-happening-all-over-the-world/39899.

Hi @bt0dotninja

Please review and edit this tweet.

Hatch is coming to Mexico City on July 28th with yummy cakes (cake emoji) and tacos (tacos emoji) to enjoy. Organized by our amazing Fedora Ambassador Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez (clapping hands)!

Hi @bt0dotninja

DEI team is working on putting together some content for the upcoming FWD. It would be great if someone at the Hatch can get photos of the event along with some video content.

Video- We are inspired by the Budapest Flock to Fedora.

Linked below is the FWD resource pack where you will scroll down and find the "Community Script"- use this script for speakers to follow! (Script can be articulated in any language the speaker is most comfortable with!)

Thank you!

Thank you for hosting one of Fedora's first ever Fedora Hatch meetups. We want to ensure that we have documentation from the Hatch events, so we can improve for next time. To do this we ask if you can please provide any photos, event recap, or blog posts from the event. The Fedora Event Report template, attached to this comment, can be filled out or used as a starting point to guide you in recapping the event. If you already have a blog or Discussion post covering your Hatch, please provide a link.


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