#33 [hackfest] i18n development and testing
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  1. What’s your proposal? Be specific about what you want to accomplish, how this helps the project and the attendees. Review [link to CFP] for details on what we’re looking for.
  • We are planning for a half day hackfest of discussions and collaboration on fedora i18n latest development including ibus and fonts, test automation using OpenQA and exploring CI opportunities for i18n packages in upstreamfirst.

This automation will help us to catch/spot bug earlier during the development cycle and development activities will help to complete change proposals.

  1. Who needs to be in the room for this to succeed? List each person by Name and FAS ID as Name (FAS ID)
    * @smaitra
    * @pyadav
    * @pravins
    * @petersen
    * @vishalvvr
    * @pnemade
    * @suanand
    * @pwu
    * @mfabian
    * other members are welcome, please feel free to add name to this ticket.

  2. Is this a … (Delete all that DO NOT apply)
    * FAD/Hackfest that lasts a half-day

  3. Anything else we need to know? This could be room setup, A/V needs, etc. If you have private concerns, please email them to flock-admin@fedoraproject.org.
    * Good to have Projector

  4. Who are you?
    * Name: Pravin Satpute
    * FAS ID: pravins
    * IRC Nick, if not FAS ID:

I wasn't currently planning to attend this Flock - the travel from the West Coast to Europe is lengthy and expensive. I'm planning to be at Devconf.us in Boston instead.

Just to be sure - you know we already do some non-English install and very basic post-install tests in the 'official' openQA, right? We do a French, a Japanese and a Russian test. Post-install we check that keyboard layouts work correctly.

@adamwill no problem. We are planning to cover more languages and even post installation stuff. i.e. whether IME works properly and default fonts renders correctly. We will definitely have much better coverage from language side after this hackfest :)

Once test cases are ready, we will collaborate with you for adding to your existing test run. Lets see if we can again further take this in DevConf 2019.

Sounds great. Note that we already do a basic test of input methods for Japanese.

It would be good if @vishalvvr could be there too.

I am interested and very positive about improving test automation for Fedora i18n: particularly around fonts and input methods.

Maybe we could also broaden the scope of this hackfest to encourage wider participation from others interested in Fedora i18n? Something like "i18n development and OpenQA automation"? Perhaps we can come up with a better more specific title?

agree with you, @petersen having devel team will definitely further benefits this hackfest. I am updating title of this hackfests, let me know members name planning to join this hackfest.

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I am an i18n developer and plan to join this Hackfest.
Also discuss fonts and on screen keyboard with others in Flock.

I think currently from i18n: myself, pnemade, mfabian, pwu, suanand, vishalvvr will be at Flock.

Me, Pooja and Satyabrata will be also there.

The title and abstract have been finalized.

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