#31 [Talk] Using transtats to track translation string change
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In a software release cycle, some of the necessary l10n steps lack attention which affect translation quality and delivery. These steps (for a package) are extracting or updating language resource, pushing that to translation platform, pulling and packaging translations, quality checks etc. Transtats helps to tie up loose ends and making packages ready to ship with translation completeness.

Using transtats, a sync between upstream, translation platform and build system could be created,
which can solve many problems and bring interesting results. One of them is to find translation
gaps through which string change can be tracked. Determining out-of-sync packages and tracking
of string change are helpful in locating / fixing translation errors.

Transtats Use Cases:

  1. Tracking translation progress across packages for downstream releases with respect to current development.
  2. Finding translation gaps by syncing with source repositories, translation platforms and build systems.
  3. Estimates translation update volume at an early stage of a release cycle.

This contributes to overall success of g11n.

In this session we will discuss / demo transtats use cases, jobs, deployments and path ahead. As transtats jobs would be foundation to next developments - discussion around this would be of great help!

Everyone interested in i18n / l10n. Folks involved in providing l10n support to their software / project. Developers, Quality engineers, language co-ordinators linked with l10n process.

This is a talk of 60 mins.

Sundeep Anand (fas: suanand) irc: suanand
Parag Nemade (fas: pnemade) irc: paragan

How does this related to #38?

Here, we will try to cover new developments in transtats through slides and demo. This should be little technical and thorough aimed to bridge the gap with fedora i18n, l10n community in terms of "How to use Transtats". Primary audience are i18n, l10n, translation folks.

An attempt to get i18n, l10n community on-board to transtats!

This is related to #38 as-in what can make transtats better for community? And how we should shape it and what should be the priority for transtats?

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