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Copr (https://pagure.io/copr/copr) is a community build service which enables users to easily transform their project into an rpm package that other people can then immediately install and use. The ongoing and long-term Copr mission is to make this process as simple as possible so that developers can really just develop and leave all the rest to Copr.

There have been some advances in this direction lately including introduction of make_srpm, rpkg, and custom build methods. There really are lots of ways to build a package in Copr nowadays which all stem from various use-cases that people have.

The main goal of this talk is to present and in some sense compare these newly introduced build methods. Basic setup for automatic push rebuilding will be sketched and additionally, we would like to discuss possibilities for automatic Pull Request rebuilding from Pagure and other Git hosting sites.

Oh, and we finally have a new slick API.

This talk should give attendees a good idea about what Copr is actually good for and how it can help to make a developer's life easier.

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    * Talk of 60 minutes

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    * Name: Michal Novotny
    * FAS ID: clime

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Hello, we would also like to additionally mention existence of our new API. I hope it's okay. Maybe the description could be slightly tweaked?

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