#271 [Talk-50]: Datto ❤️ Fedora and lessons from getting involved in Fedora
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Questions/Requested Information

This year our contributor conference will be virtual! You have the option to submit live or pre-recorded sessions.

What is your proposal?

Datto as an organization uses a lot of technologies that have roots in the Fedora Project and uses a lot from Fedora in unconventional ways. This talk presents what Datto leverages from Fedora, how Datto uses it, and how we are becoming involved in Fedora, EPEL, CentOS Stream, OKD, and RHEL UBI to support the community and ourselves. As part of this, we discuss some of what we've learned about the contribution process and how Fedora can help support cases like ours.

Who in addition to the speaker needs to be in the virtual room for this to succeed? This could be the audience you need to reach, other participants in the conversation, or other stakeholders.

Other presenters [Name (FAS ID)]:

Audience [Name (FAS ID)]:

  • Ben Cotton (@bcotton)
  • Daniel Mach (@dmach)
  • Matthew Miller (@mattdm)
  • Josh Boyer (@jwboyer)
  • Scott McCarty (@fatherlinux)
  • Stephen Gallagher (@sgallagh)
  • Terry Bowling (@tbowling)
  • Anyone interested in seeing how Fedora is adopted and leveraged in interesting ways by an enterprise!

Is this a…

  • 50 minute Talk

Anything else we need to know?

Nothing in particular.

Who are you?

  • Name: Neal Gompa
  • FAS ID: @ngompa
  • IRC Nick, if not FAS ID: Conan_Kudo, Pharaoh_Atem, King_InuYasha, Son_Goku, Eighth_Doctor
  • Timezone: America/New York (US/Eastern)

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Your session has been accepted for Nest with Fedora. Please review the attached schedule (PDF) and advise ASAP if there are any conflicts. The timezone used for the attached schedule is EST. Schedule will be locked by Tuesday August 4th. If you have further questions or need assistance, feel free to email mnordin@redhat.com or drop those inquiries on this ticket. Thanks!


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This slot works for us!

Hi @daxelrod, please register at -> https://hopin.to/events/nest-with-fedora so I can add you as a speaker. More info to come. Thanks!

@riecatnor I'm now registered in hopin. Thank you!

Hi! Nest with Fedora is beginning shortly. I want to thank you for speaking at this years contributor conference, your time and effort is appreciated :)

I have outlined the basic process for speakers below. If you have questions, feel free to drop them here and I will do my best to answer them before the event begins.

How to get to your session:
Enter the event
Go to Sessions tab on the left at the correct time
Click your session
Accept permissions for audio/video
You're in!

Sessions are set up as moderated by the speakers. There is a maximum of 10 people on screen at once, though people can leave the screen and different attendees can request permission to join. The speaker(moderator) will have a moderation panel on the bottom left hand side to allow or deny the request. If you feel you need someone besides yourself to help with moderation, please make sure they are registered for the event and provide their full name here. Anyone can watch and participate in the chat. Sessions will be recorded.

To share slides, there is an option at the bottom to share your screen, where you can choose the window/tab to share. To share a video with audio, you can share your screen and play the audio on loud speaker (so your mic picks it up). Screen sharing works just as other video conferencing tools (like Google Meet, Bluejeans etc).

If you have technical issues during your session, contact one of the attendees labelled "Organiser" or myself, Marie Nordin, through the platforms direct message function.


  • riecatnor

Thank you for those instructions, @riecatnor .

Enter the event

Do I do that by visiting https://hopin.to/events/nest-with-fedora ?

Go to Sessions tab on the left at the correct time

I don't currently see a Sessions tab on that page. Is there a way I can test my setup in advance of my presentation?

Thank you!

@daxelrod I may have hatched a solution for speakers to test their set ups. If it is successful I will explain that in the opening remarks tomorrow at kick off. I am grateful you want to be prepared, and also, no worries if it takes a few minutes for everything to get set up at the beginning of your session. We're all friends here :)

Thank you for your participation at Nest with Fedora, it is appreciated. It was a great event and we have received a bunch of positive feedback.

Please attach slides or a link to slides here, and I will close the ticket as complete. If you did not use slides during your session, please comment to let me know.


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