#27 [talk] FOSS and Open Science .. and Fedora?
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It is becoming increasingly clear that science based policy making is extremely important---necessary. Not only does this require scientists to work harder on informing the powers that be, it is perhaps more important that the information from science be made available to everyone without limitations.

So, the scientific community has recently begun pushing towards Open Science, and the philosophy of Open Science, not surprisingly, is very similar to that of FOSS. Researchers are now using FOSS for all their programming needs, the data they gather is being made openly available for all to see, and the results they come up with are being disseminated openly via the Open Access movement. Recently, the neuroscience community signed an open letter committing to the use of FOSS for neuroscience[1] and the machine learning community has shunned the highly acclaimed ( but not Open access ) journal, Nature[2].

In this talk, I will briefly explain the scientific method pipeline, stress on how software is used at every step, and give examples of FOSS in my field of work---neuroscience---to show that Open Science and FOSS go together.

The Fedora community has always been at the forefront of FOSS. So, I will then present ideas to and solicit ideas from fellow contributors on how we at Fedora can help further Open Science.

[1] http://opensourceforneuroscience.org/
[2] https://retractionwatch.com/2018/05/01/thousands-boycott-new-nature-journal-about-machine-learning/

Oh, and while I'm based in London, but I will have to apply for a visa to get to Europe. So it'll be nice if I can get some info on this soon to apply for the visa. I've also got to fly to an academic conference in Seattle from 13/7, so I've got to make sure I get my passport back before then.

Sorry for the slow reply. I'm definitely +1 to this — go ahead and get that visa please!

Yay! Thanks @mattdm. I'll get started on it right away. fingers crossed

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So I've spoken to the VFS service that handles Schengen visas for Germany here in London, and they do not have an expedited service. The lady said that there is no guarantee that the Embassy will be able to process the visa in the week that I'll have before the conference. It may take a few days, or it may take longer than a week.

The embassy does not give out appointments via their website at all, and they do not have any contact information for enquiries related to Schengen visas either.

I've already made an appointment for the 31st. (I get back in the morning). I've filled out the Google forms for an invitation letter and the funding bit, and explained the circumstances there too (I hadn't realised that these had opened somehow!) .

I hope it'll all work out! Fingers crossed!

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