#25 How we forked Fedora to make a Remix for our university
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  1. What is your proposal?

This talk covers TigerOS, a Fedora Remix aimed towards Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) university students, faculty, and staff. Using Fedora, we created a specialized Remix aimed towards RIT community members to give them a more streamlined Linux experience as they go through their classes. By creating this Remix, we learned a lot about the Fedora Infrastructure, figured out what worked for us, and furthermore what we had to improvise on our own. This talk explains how we created our Remix, why we chose Fedora to do so, and lessons we’ve learned along the way.

This talk also explains the value of Fedora Remixes for the upstream Fedora Project and community. The Fedora Remix tools and resources allows our project to market and introduce Fedora to an audience that the upstream community would not normally have the resources to focus on. Therefore, we feel Fedora Remixes are an essential part of Fedora. Being able to easily take Fedora and modify it to fit unique needs is a powerful idea. In being a Remix, we are able to have both the Fedora upstream resources, and our personal customizations. This allows our project to work closely with upstream Fedora, contribute changes back upstream (like documentation), and offer a customized Fedora experience to a unique audience. In doing so, we allow our university community to have a better learning experience while also gaining the experience of using Fedora and Linux in general. Through this talk, we hope to demonstrate the unique value of Fedora Remixes to the Fedora community and why Fedora is one of the best platforms to build this experience with.

  1. Who needs to be in the room for this to succeed?
    Justin Flory (jflory7)
    May also be insightful to members of the Fedora Infrastructure and contributors working on Fedora engineering tools

  2. Is this a…

  • 60 minutes: Talk
  1. Who are you?
  • Name: Tim Zabel
  • FAS ID: tjzabel


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