#228 In-Kind Sponsorship: SpigotMC, an open source Minecraft server
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Explore a light sponsorship tier by providing one-week hosting of Minecraft game servers by SpigotMC, an open source Java project


Minecraft is a popular video game. Even if we in Fedora might prefer to play Minetest, it is likely that some Fedora contributors have kids or share a household with someone who has a Minecraft account. To encourage a casual gaming experience for Nest to Fedora, SpigotMC could host the servers if Fedora provides moderation and management for the week.

I like this idea for these reasons:

  1. It provides a casual way for Fedora contributors to collaborate and work together on things other than Free Software
  2. It allows us to invite families and folks who share a home with a Fedora contributor to participate in the conference (and maybe provide more "local community incentive" to participate in Flock :smile: )

Ideally this costs Fedora a logo sponsorship on flocktofedora.org and some volunteers to run a game server for a few days. It would be nice to feature SpigotMC on the Flock website as a service or open source sponsor. My bias is that I am a former staff member of the project. I can help facilitate this engagement if there is a pathway for this kind of sponsorship in Flock 2020.


I need a green-light from a Flock 2020 organizing committee or the Fedora Council to pursue this sponsorship.

I can connect folks from SpigotMC to the Council to work out any formal details or paperwork, if needed (not sure what this process is like normally). This is not a financial sponsorship, but a donation of services for the week of the virtual Fedora conference.

From there, we can work out logistics on organizing volunteers to help with this. I can start in the Fedora Community if anyone is interested in helping. Otherwise I could ask around in the SpigotMC Community if any folks there would like to help volunteer with this. But I want to green-light this sponsorship before working on volunteer outreach.


  • SpigotMC gets great recognition and acknowledgement in Flock sponsorship materials
  • Fedora contributors have a fun and informal way to play and work together on building blocks instead of packages (or blog posts, or IRC meetings, etc.)

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2 years ago

Just following up. I hypothesize this needs a month of lead time to negotiate if there is an interest. Please let me know if I can help drive this conversation forward.

Got a thumbs-up from @riecatnor in direct message on this. I sent an email to @riecatnor, Flock-staff@fp.o, and the SpigotMC project lead about discussing next steps to formalize this.

Can other open source games (and game enhancement services such as voice chat) for Nest also be hosted on this? SuperTuxKart (https://supertuxkart.net/Main_Page) would be very cool.

@fed500 I think the requirements for this are providing infrastructure and providing time to configure/manage the infrastructure. In this case, Spigot is providing the infrastructure and I am providing my time to configure/manage the Minecraft server.

If you can figure out those two pieces, I think it will be easier to explore new options for Flock. :smile: I'm also not a hardcore gamer beyond Minecraft so I'm not sure what all is out there in open source land…

@jflory7 Thanks. SpigotMC seems dedicated to Minecraft.

I am willing to help with this @jflory7

@nb Awesome! Right now, we are awaiting infrastructure details from the Spigot team. Once I have access for some of the config parts, I'll bring it up in #fedora-commops :)

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