#218 [Talk-25] Let the bot create your releases
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1 What is your proposal?

If you are repository maintainer and if you like automatization and making your life easier you can be also interested in release-bot. Release-bot helps upstream maintainers deliver their software to users, via automated releases at GitHub and PyPI. Just create an issue in your repository and bot will make its job and create a new release on PyPi/Github/Pagure in a minute. 

In this short 25 min talk, we will look at release-bot closer. Show how we can configure it and what is the release-bot future.

2 Who in addition to the speaker needs to be in the room for this to succeed?

Upstream developers, Fedora contributors

3 Is this a…

  • 25 minute Talk

4 Anything else we need to know?

Tools for standard presentation.

5 Who are you?

  • Name: Marek Marušin
  • FAS ID: marusinm
  • IRC Nick, if not FAS ID: marusinm

How does this relate to (or compete with?) packit?


packit: new upstream release or a pull request is the input
release-bot: create a new upstream release (and upload it to PyPI)

in the end, both of them will work together.

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